NexSys PCS
A second generation device that improves the quality and compliance in plasma collection centers. By integrating ramped up hardware, a sleek UI, and a cloud system, Haemonetics hopes to unlock meaningful value for customers.
What is plasma collection?
During a plasma donation, blood is drawn from one arm and channeled through a sterile, single-use collection set to an automated machine. The machine collects the plasma only, and then safely returns the remaining blood components to the donor.
My work
I worked on a sensor that monitored the flow of the different blood components and their separation in the machine. I worked closely with the product development team while collaborating with software, mechanical, and systems engineering teams to explore various sensing techniques and the costs and the manufacturability associated with each solution. I gained hands-on experience in a rapid prototyping environment. Lastly, I presented to managers of the project and executive members of the company.
Why does it matter?
  • High-profile: my sensor will be implemented in the next year or so
  • Increased efficiency in the sensor can mean increased yield and improved quality in plasma
  • The Plasma extracted by these devices is used to create drugs for the global immunodeficient population
  • NexSys PCS is an integral part of Haemonetics’ future growth

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