Creative Capacity Building (CCB) is at the core of D-Lab's approach to international development. Through CCB, participants are trained to create or adapt technologies that will improve their lives and strengthen their communities. By distilling key elements of the design process into a hands-on curriculum that is accessible at any educational level, CCB presents a framework through which anyone can become an active creator of technology, not just a recipient or user of technology.

I have taken 2 courses with D-Lab, Discovery and Development, each with a different focus.


Placed into several different teams, we first investigated the difficulties that small-scale farmers face today especially with a growing intensive agriculture market. We went out to the field (literally), hand-plowed soil using a mattock, and measured calorie use per square foot. After that, we designed and fabricated an alternative that could better the plowing process.

Some features include:

  • Soften the soil before actual plowing - integrated 2 step process
  • Welded metal scraps & waterjetted gear part


My team of 6 created workshops for C-Innova, a technology center in Colombia. To meet the needs of the people who attend the workshops, I wanted to teach them how to create different kitchen utensils.

As a proof of concept, I made a spatula. Although it was my first time, it didn't take too long and it turned out well. And I still use it!

  • Bridge the gender gap through collaboration to create a tool that is traditionally used by women
  • Empower (especially) women to use power tools and heavy machinery to create something useful

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